How to read a timetable

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The elements shown in the picture below are explained in detail at the bottom of this web page.  To read more information about a specific section, click the magnifying glass.

How to read a timetable


Heading Explanation
Course Section ID This is a unique identifier for the section.
Section This is the course code and section code for the section. When registering, this is the important detail to look for.
Title This is the title of the course.
Description This is the Calendar course description as approved by Education Council.
Requisites If the course has pre- or co-requisites, they will be noted here.
Credits This is the credits for this section. Note that lab sections do not normally have credits associated; the credits are applied to the course.
Location This is the campus of the course. If it is delivered online, the campus will be ONLINE. See the Important Info section if the section is scheduled OFFSITE.
Capacity This is the maximum number of students that may be registered in this section.
Status This indicates whether the section is available for registration (Active) or is being cancelled.
Meetings This is the time, days, start/end dates, and building and room of the classes.
Instructors The instructor of the section will be noted here. TBA indicates that an instructor has not been assigned yet.
Restrictions If the course has any restrictions, such as restricted to program students, they will be noted here.
Important Info Any imporant information unique to this section will be shown here.
Last updated This is the last time this information has been updated.